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Nurse Chill Enhances Patient Sleep and Nurse Efficiency 

Sue Murphy, the visionary founder of NurseChill, is revolutionizing patient care with a groundbreaking solution aimed at improving both patient sleep quality and nurse efficiency. Recognizing the disruptive impact of traditional lights during nighttime medical procedures, Sue has introduced a handsfree wearable light for nurses on night shifts.

Patients often experience sleep interruptions when nurses use conventional lights for tasks like blood pressure monitoring at odd hours. NurseChill's wearable lights mitigate this issue by providing nurses with an efficient and non-intrusive solution. These lights enable nurses to carry out their duties seamlessly, ensuring excellent visibility without disturbing patients' much-needed rest.

The wearable lights eliminate the need for nurses to resort to non-handsfree alternatives, such as using their phone torches. Not only does this contribute to improved patient sleep, but it also aligns with best practices in infection control. The lights, conveniently clipped onto the nurse's scrub pocket, are easily rechargeable, enhancing sustainability and practicality.

Sue envisions a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved. Patients can enjoy a more restful sleep, nurses can perform their tasks with enhanced ease, and healthcare organizations can prioritize patient safety, nurse efficiency, and infection control.

As part of NurseChill's commitment to community welfare, the company is proud to announce that $2 from the sale of each light will be donated to the local Wishlist charity. The funds will support Wishlist in addressing the growing health needs of patients and families in the Sunshine Coast and Gympie regions.

NurseChill is a pioneering healthcare solutions provider dedicated to enhancing patient care and nurse efficiency. The company is committed to innovation that makes a positive impact on healthcare practices.